How to Prepare for Mediation with a Strategic Plan.

Your free step-by-step strategic plan so you walk into mediation organised, confident and ready to get it done.

The Upspring Step by Step Workbook for preparing for mediation.

Are you a little worried about what you’re walking into?

It's stressful walking into mediation. It shouldn’t be because, after all, you're just stating your case for what you know is best for your children.

You’re not here to argue, yet here you are, expected to present your argument and debate your case, hoping someone in the room can see it’s the logical solution.

You’re going to be working very hard in your mediation. Your mediator works very hard, but still not as hard as you. You’ll be taken through a mediation process, asked questions, and expected to answer and discuss in a way that suits that stage’s purpose to make workable, reasonable arrangements.

Knowing the process, having a plan of action, and being ready to answer questions, will mean you’ll be able to walk into mediation with a purposeful stride, probably still nervous but ready with a strategy for what you need to do for your children.

How to make your mediation work for you

Preparing for your mediation is much easier and less stressful when you know more about mediation and have a framework you can use to map out your strategy.

This is a step-by-step action plan that follows the same framework I use with my mediation clients when getting them to dive deeply into the essential components of their mediation.

Marnie Cooper Mediator standing next to a wall.

By working through this plan, you will:

Using this framework, you will go from having some talking points on a palm card to being ready for every stage of the mediation process, able to answer every question put to you and with a strategic plan for negotiating confidently.

Your planning will also make briefing your lawyer easier and more efficient, so you’ll know your legal position before walking into the mediation.

What people are saying

A strategic plan is a great place to start

I’m so pleased you’re walking into mediation well prepared. I know there’s a lot to do when separating, divorcing, and mediating. Knowing what you’re meant to organise, the professionals you need, how to prepare for the discussions, and what must be said is time-consuming and draining.

I’m here to bring down the stress, so let’s start with your plan. Where shall I send it?

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