Mediation and Family Dispute Resolution

Welcome to The Upspring

The place for separated parents who want the best for their children and need to make parenting and property arrangements so they can get on with life.

This is your mediation. It can be your springboard to the next stage of your life even if you’re not feeling it right now.

The thought of mediation is daunting

None of us want to sit in a room, to go over the same old ground, rehashing the same arguments, listening to the accusations, and then feel compelled to give in and agree to something just to get it over and done with.

You’re already feeling tired, possibly raw and let’s call it…you’re vulnerable. Despite all this, you have work, children to care for, and a life to get on with. And then there is what to do with all those thoughts and dreams you had about being a parent and what you wanted for your life.

Two people sitting at a round table with preparation paperwork in front of them.
Marnie Cooper Family Mediator and Separation Strategist

I’m here to make this a better experience for you.

It may be hard to imagine right now, but with specific support and strategic use of resources, you can get to the other side of separation with the feeling of relief and satisfaction of knowing you did all you could to make this situation work.

I’ve created The Upspring as a safe and discreet place for you to discuss your life and what you want for your children so you can confidently consider what needs to be done.

Using only evidence-based approaches and techniques, I’ll give you the support, strategies, and knowledge to walk into this fully prepared.

You’ll then be ready to manage yourself and engage in the mediation, so you’re able to have the kinds of conversations that achieve the outcome you want for yourself and your children.

Marnie Cooper

BA-Psychology, NMAS, Grad Dip FDRP
Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner and Nationally Accredited Mediator

The Upspring is the place to build your capacity to effectively manage conflict now and in the future, with your integrity intact and more confidence and optimism to put into helping your children adjust to the changes.

This is Your Upspring for what you want to happen next.

A plan is a great place to start. Let’s get clear on what you need and what you need to do.

The best way to get this started is for us to talk on the phone.

It will be confidential and discreet. We can have an honest, judgment-free discussion about what is happening for you right now, how you feel, and what you want for your future.

What you need will be unique to you. We’ll put together a plan tailored for you that you can start using immediately.

You’ll also be able to tap into all my resources, from my referral network to specific techniques and strategies to get you ready for what you need to do next.

Marnie Cooper sitting at a table with her laptop.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s have an obligation-free phone conversation first so you can tell me about yourself and work out a plan. Every conversation you have with me is confidential. If we both decide we’re a good fit, I’ll provide you with detailed information and everything you need to progress to your private intake where I assess if your situation is suitable for mediation and then prepare you further for it.

Not necessarily, as it depends on your specific circumstances and what would be the most suitable and effective way of mediating. Mediation is very sensitive, and, in some cases, it may not be constructive or practical to have both of you in the same room, either online or in person.

Your needs are specific to you so no single package can accommodate everyone. Some issues are complex and will need more meetings than others, and then some can be resolved more quickly than you may think. Expect to pay around $2000 for mediation. Additionally, I offer interest-free payment plans. I would love to hear about what you need and provide you with a quote.

Yes, you certainly can. I can give you the support, strategies and knowledge you need so you’re fully prepared for your mediation elsewhere. We can also work on any other issues or concerns you would like to address.

I am authorised by the Attorney General’s Department to issue a certificate under section 60I of the Family Law Act 1975. If you want more information on 60I Certificates have a look at my resources section or book a call.

Yes, you certainly can. My services are available remotely, by phone and on zoom, depending on what suits you best.
Yes, we certainly can work together. I mediate and coach in a variety of situations. Please send me an email to tell me about yourself. I’ll let you know straight away if I’m not suitable, and I may even be able to give you a list of contacts to consider.

I want to help straight away, so let’s talk.

I’m here for a conversation that will start reducing the stress.

Let’s talk to work out your plan.

Let’s talk

Click the link to my calendar to book a free and confidential call with me to discuss the right way forward for you. We’ll need 20 minutes to work out your plan.