About Marnie Cooper

I’m here to make this a better experience for you so you can get on with life.

I’ve created The Upspring to be a safe and discreet place for you to discuss your life and what you want for your children. It’s where you will be nurtured and securely propelled to get to where you want to be at a time when your energy and focus may not be at your usual level.

We don’t have to feel so fearful or ashamed about being separated or divorcing parents.

The Upspring's family dispute resolution practitioner Marnie Cooper smiling at the person she can see on her laptop screen.

Given that you know your children better than everyone else, it should be you making the decisions and still having the energy to help them adjust to the changes.

What shouldn’t change are your hopes and dreams for your children. And for yourself. But it can be hard to maintain the energy and optimism needed to get this done.
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Mediation gives you choices and is highly effective.

You actively evaluate your own situation, you choose your focus and generate your options, and you participate in the problem-solving to come to a plan that suits your family and your life.

With a therapeutic style, I guide and coach only using approaches and insights informed by the best available theories and research. And depending on what you feel you need, I’m also here to help you channel your emotions and connect you with your strengths to help you get done what you see is necessary to determine the life you want.

I also share everything about mediation, co-parenting and parallel parenting communication, and negotiation practice and theories

All the tips, techniques, and strategies, so you have everything you need to be thoroughly prepared before walking into any room or situation. My wish for you is that you too feel the relief and satisfaction that comes from knowing you did all you could to make this situation work and that you did your very best for your children.

Marnie Cooper

Bachelor of Arts-Psychology, NMAS, Diploma Coaching, Graduate Diploma FDRP
Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner and Nationally Accredited Mediator

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